Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dinner For One

so here's what's sure to be the first of many posts about myself and what's going on.

So today I was supposed to get up and take M (Michael) to play group, but an 8 am wake up just wasn't calling my name here I am sitting on my bum talking to you guys. It's really boring here, Jason is at work for 14 hours today; so it's just me and M (michael). I'm procrastinating making dinner for one... 

I hate dinner for one...

It's lame.

Plus, the dinning room wall sucks at making conversation...

Hugs Kisses & Candy


  1. You are too funny... I hate cooking for one but Elaine is the master at it!! Ask her what to cook, lol!!!!
    Hugs honey!

  2. I made a sandwich.

    I know, you don't have to say it, I'm definitely the next Rachel Ray.

  3. I just got home and my hubby saved me some leftovers from his dinner of leftovers. So I'll just be sitting by myself eating this all my my lonesome self, oh because he's in the bedroom watching his football stuff.

  4. damn football! we can eat dinner together in spirit lol